2 bedroom/2 bath


Deluxe Make Ready Cleaning includes:

All wood floors polished and buffed.

All tile floors steamed

All carpet and stairways vacuumed

Living Room:

Stains wiped off wall, doors, door frames, light switches, and plugs

Inside windows and windowsills cleaned.

Blinds cleaned

Baseboards cleaned

Ceiling fans hand wiped (that can be reached with a two-step ladder) or dusted with an extended duster.


Wall, door frames, plugs, and light switches wiped

Window and windowsill cleaned; baseboards cleaned

ceiling fan hand wiped (if can be reached with a two-step ladder) or with an extended duster

Bathroom: Tub and shower tile cleaned and disinfected, countertops and mirror cleaned. cabinet doors and drawers cleaned inside and out. toilet cleaned and disinfected. walls, door frames, baseboards, plugs and light switches cleaned.

Kitchen: Cabinets, and drawers cleaned inside and out, stove top and countertops cleaned. inside of oven cleaned. Refrigerator and microwave cleaned inside and out. backsplashes, walls, plugs, light switches and baseboards cleaned

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